(a)roundtable is a biannual printed publication that created as a thesis project for PLATESELECTOR.


(a)roundtable is about to create a valuable and strong discussion that will raise awareness about different problems we have in our globe reality.

Through one changing subject(problem/ issue/ concern) each issue of the magazine is a collection of creators and founders from all over the globe that their work is related or supporting the particular subject.

The interviews with those magnificent people are happening in their different favorite restaurants around the world. 


The magazine is structured from two parts - "Voices" and "Tables". In the "Voices" part all the interviews with the different people are composed, while in the "Tables" part there are reviews over the restaurants where the interviews happen. The reviews over the restaurants are the same as Plateselector are doing in their webpage.

This way (a)roundtable create a platform of exposing different artists, creators, founders and restaurants while in the same time bringing into the front stage different crazy important subjects that we all should be aware of. Moreover, it keeps the words about today reality for ever.