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Wildlife, Plant life & Mimicry

-Graphic designer & animator.

An interactive exhibition dealing with the topic of Biomimicry and offer variety of unique activities. 

Globes Publisher

-Graphic designer, Motion Designer.

Globes is a Hebrew-language daily evening financial newspaper, the largest and the oldest of its kind in Israel. 

Block TV

-Graphic designer, Motion Designer.

Block TV is a new television channel dealing with the Crypto currency and its impact on our life.


-Graphic designer.

Flight festival

-Project Management, Art direction.

Flight Festival is the lights festival of the city Firenze. For this festival I was directing and managing an Animated mapping project with a group of 14 students from the Graphic & Motion design courses of IED Barcelona. This final video piece was projected on the amazing bridge of Firenze, the Ponte Vecchio, for 30 days for 6 hours every day during the christmas and holidays time.

At lo Tashiri oti levad

-Classic animation, Art direction. Frame by frame animated music clip I created for the 1st single of Yakir Aharon.

"Viva!" Festival

-Graphic design and motion graphic. Animated video mapping project that was projected on a row of beautiful buildings during the last night of the "viva!" festival as a closing act. I work on this project with a group of motion design students from IED Barcelona as a studio for almost 3 months. 

Talking Design Studio


In September 2016 I started an internship of 5 months in Talking. During that time we were working on different projects for their different clients and it

was very interesting for me, I studied a lot about the field in Barcelona.

Studio Imagine

I started working in Imagine, for Shy Bonder, as graphic designer, animator and video editor. During the period I worked with him we did video constructions of the largest productions in Israel, like “A Star is Born”, “The Pestigal”, “WOW” in Eilat, Microsoft, etc.

Sama Sama

Musical - Technology summer Park of

Phaza & Mayuman. There I was responsible for the operation of machines combining lasers and sounds.

Wild Thing Studio

I met a very special designer named

Keren Assaf, who established the

jewleries brand “Wild ing”.

I worked with her for a year in both sales and assembling jewelry.

In addition, part of my job was to

photograph her jewleries and create

videos advertising for her brand.

IED Barcelona

BA studies in the department of Visual Communication- Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Video.

The Institute gave me a full scholarship for four years as part of an international contest that the school had.

Ironi Alef Tel-Aviv

Teoretical maturity - specializing in philosophy. Full matriculation, with high scores.

Avni Institute

Drawing & painting course at the Avni Institute in Tel-Aviv.

3 months course in which I studied different drawing and painting techniques.

Studio Shapira

Jewleries crafting course in Jaffa.

40 meetings course, in which I learned to purify and weld jewelry.