Ifat is a small boutique bakery in Tel-Aviv. The name of the bakery is basically the name of the owner which is a small and beautiful woman who create and baking those amazingly small and tasty cookies.


Ifat provides only hand made cookies, that's why we decided that her handy signature will be perfect for her logotype. 

More over, before this branding Ifat used to write the cookie's names by her hand over white squares stickers so we kept that idea with a nice hand writing style for the names of the different cookies. The result transmit the idea of a boutique brand and hand crafted cookies. 

Because there are so many kinds of Ifat's cookies, each kind of cookie is branded with different color so it will be recognizable for clients that love a specific kind. On the stores's shelfs the combination off all the colors together is beautiful, bold, different and more important is very inviting.